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Make a Payment

Pay your Otsego Mutual premium by clicking here.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or E-Check accepted.

Please be aware that the processing company charges additional fees. There is no sign up or log in required to make a one time payment. The policy number is required. Please use the 6 digit number only.

Monthly EFT Payment Plan

An alternative option for electronic payment is our recurring EFT payment plan. This plan offers no transaction or installment fees and smaller payments made on a monthly basis.

To complete the Enrollment form, click here.

Print the form and mail it to Otsego Mutual with a voided check. Your recurring monthly EFT payments will take effect at the beginning of your next policy year.

Third party Designee

Please be advised that New York Senior Citizen Insureds, age 65 and older, can designate a third party to receive copies of all cancellation, nonrenewal, or conditional renewal notices in addition to the notice you receive.

To view and print the third party designee form, click here.

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