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While few people actually enjoy the experience of finding their property damaged, or the prospects of being sued for negligence, at Otsego Mutual, we try our best to make your claim experience easier and less stressful.

Our trained staff of agents, employees and independent adjusters work seamlessly to review and document your claim, make recommendations and eventual settlement.

If you have a claim, or if an event has occurred that could give rise to a claim, contact your insurance agent immediately. The agent will help you fill out the necessary paperwork to expedite your claim. Also, at this time, you should discuss with your agent how you might preserve and protect the damaged property to mitigate further damages. To find your agent’s telephone number, please look on your Otsego Mutual Policy, or go to the Agent Locator section of our Website.

For additional information on documenting your claim, please see the article on documenting possessions in the Helpful Tips section of our website.